Georgia Aquarium…

March 11, 2007

Well this weekend, me and a couple of friends went to the georgia aquarium in Atlanta. I’ve never been to an aquarium before so this was a new experience for me. We saw a wide range of fish from hammerheads to electric eels to starfish. I must say my favorite part of the visit was seeing the piranhas. I’ve always heard of piranhas but never really saw them. After my visit, it was a good thing I didn’t see them. We came up on a tank of about 20 to 30 piranhas. It was a very eerie feeling from the group of spectators there because most of us did not realize that they don’t move at all!!! They stand in a group and just wait for prey. I heard that their teeth can rip through flesh easily. It literally sent chills down my spine like a scary scene out of a movie.


One year later….

March 11, 2007

Well it is one year to the day since my grandmother passed away and I must say that I’m still in shock that she is not with me. It has been a struggle for me to carry on without her. She was not only my grandmother but my best friend. I knew that whatever problems I was having, I could come to her and she would always give me good advice to help me be a better person. I remember this day last year like it was yesterday. I came home in the morning from working night shift and before I could go to sleep, I got a phone call from my brother telling me to come to the hospital. I knew something was wrong. When I arrived, he was crying but he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I walked inside to a corner room and my mom was there on her knees crying. When she saw me, she told me that my grandmother didn’t make it, and when she said that, I broke down to my knees and started crying. It was the worse day of my life. As I think back on how far I have come from last year, it’s amazing that my grandfather is still with us and healthy. He has had major heart problems throughout his life and I’m very happy that he has held on for as long as he has and I hope he will be with us for a lot longer.

War in Iraq

February 20, 2007

My personal feelings and beliefs on the war in irag are very similar to President Bush’s beliefs. For one, I agree that the invasion of Iraq was inevitable and had to take place because Saddam Hussein was a threat to using nuclear weapons on the U.S. and a threat to global peace. He had shown is blatant disregard for human life before when he ordered the execution of 148 of his own people. And I agree that there might have been some ties between him and Usama Bin Laden. What I did not know where the specific reasons the government had for going to war. The first concrete reason was that since 1991 and the end of the first gulf war, Iraq had violated a United Nations mandate that stated Iraq was to cease all operations of biological and nuclear weapons. UN inspectors repeatedly visited Iraq to see if they were complying with this mandate but Iraqi officials were not cooperating with the investigation. After the UN offered Iraq one last chance to comply with there rules, President Bush declared that diplomacy was no longer an option. Another reason for declaring war was the fact that the US Government believed Saddam Hussein was a sponsor of international terrorism like Al-Queda. Though this fact wasn’t totally proven to be true, it wasn’t proven to be untrue either. After finding out the specific reasons the government had for invading Iraq, I still say it was a good idea to go over there. Saddam was too much of a threat of using weapons of mass destruction on the US and his blatant disregard for opposing UN sanctions left the US no choice. As far as the troops and their length of stay there, I really don’t know if keeping the troops over there for more years will improve the situation there. The US and Iraq have to come up with a concrete plan for getting them out of there so that the Iraqi government can learn to operate by themselves.

Weekend visit to charleston…

February 19, 2007

Well my weekend was very good. I decided to go to Charleston, SC because it’s only one of two places I have not visited in South Carolina. Spartanburg is the other. I’ve always heard about how beautiful the scenery of the city and beaches are down there so I grabbed my good friends and went there. I must say it was a very good trip. We went downtown and walked around the streets and the visited some of the various shops and bars and even ate at this seafood place. The name of the place escapes me now but the food was very delicious. It was a little cool that night so we decided to turn in early. On sunday we shopped at the outlet stores near the airport and from there went home. It doesn’t sound like much but from the tour of the town, it was a gratifying trip for me and looking forward to visiting Charleston in the summertime when there will be more things to do.

Valentines Day…..????

February 15, 2007

Well today is valentines day and it is the first one in about 4 years that I won’t have a companion to celebrate it with. So I’ve found other things to do with my time… call other people and beg for them to be my valentine!!! No, not really but it does feel strange watching others enjoy this day and I can’t. I don’t feel sorry for myself though, its just the lords way of saying I need to take a step back before a step forward…maybe next year!!!

woke up late….

February 13, 2007

Started the day on the wrong foot today. Was supposed to wake up at 6:00AM for work this morning, but wound up waking up at 6:45AM. Luckily for me the job that I have doesn’t require me to come in at a certain time so I arrived at the job at 7:45. Since all the bosses I have are in different states, everything was ok. Please don’t tell them what happened!!!!

Hello world!

February 8, 2007

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!